Millennium King Element (for use with ChessGenius Exclusive)

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Millennium King Element (for use with ChessGenius Exclusive)

The King element connects to the chessboard of our ChessGenius Exclusive and provides the user two major differences:
  • A complete new deluxe look-and-feel with its real wooden cabinet, looking highly attractive in retro style
  • The world famous and very rare software “The King” from Johan de Koning, which is known from the famous TASC Chess Computers from former times.
Johan has spent over a year of development to finalise the software and bring it up to a new level.It’s a complete new version of the king, delivering extraordinary performance and fun to play.We expect the software to be stronger the ChessGenius in M820, we assume up to 2450 ELO are possible.

The playing style of the machine is phenomenal - coupled with an extremely active, risk-taking and often downright spectacular playing style.

It is the most personal, exciting chess partner you’ve ever had!It even allows countless configuration options: You may configure up to three different opponent personalities and save them – almost all parameters of the software can be customized.

Features and functions:
  • With generous illuminated display and elegant wooden casing
  • Selection of different opening books: The classic Aegon Book,the Master Book (> 300,000 positions) by M. Uniacke, or specialuser books
  • Save and load games, plus optional download of openinglibraries, firmware updates or program enhancements
  • Countless configuration options: Configure up to three differentopponent personalities for a game, such as against real chessgrandmasters
  • Countless difficulty levels, infinitely configurable
  • Phenomenal playing ability, coupled with an extremely active,risk-taking and often downright spectacular playing style
  • The most personal, exciting chess partner you’ve ever had!
Item no: M823
Program: The King
Program author: Johan de Koning
Processor: RM Cortex M7 mit 300 MHz, 2048 KB ROM /348 KB RAM
Dimensions: approx. 18 x 15 x 5 cm
Display: approx. 7,4 x 3,9 cm
Menu operation: 7 languages available
Connections: USB, DIN, main adaptor (9V DC)Element

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