Crusades Resin Theme Chess Pieces with Leather Board

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The Crusades Resin Theme Chess Pieces with Leather Board can bring a unique and classic presentation of the classic game. The theme of the pieces allows players to become a part of the conflict of the Crusades as they battle for the win. The resin pieces are designed to be a perfect representation of the characters on the board and the leather board offers a professional feel. 

  • Highly Detailed weighted Resin Chess Pieces
  • Intrictely detailed
  • King: 3 Inches Tall
  • Knights on trustee steads
  • Fight for the Holy Land 

Leather Chess Board 

  • Burgundy & Black
  • 1  1/4 inch Squares
  • 1/8th Thick
  • 13 X 13 Inches
  • Brass Corners


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