Learning Chess with Vladimir Simagin - Mihail Marin

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Paperback, 371 pages, Pawn Team 2022

Vladimir Pavlovich Simagin (1919-1968) was a little-known chess player. He was noted not so much for his sporting results —three times Moscow Champion and once Soviet Correspondence Champion— as a theoretician and trainer —he was second to Smyslov when he won the World Chess Championship in 1957.
However, his contribution to chess, often underestimated, should be considered significant. In almost every middlegame manual there are games by Simagin. His games have a singular beauty and elegance.
The book contains a collection of his best games, selected and annotated in fine detail by Grandmaster Mihail Marin, in his usual lively and didactic style.

“A game conducted logically and finished off with a beautiful combination – that is my chess ideal.”
Vladimir Simagin
“A resolute character, an extraordinary talent.”
Mikhail Botvinnik
“A player with a highly original, unique and imaginative style of play.”
David Bronstein
“He was a wonderful eccentric, ironic, kind, and considerate, and who infinitely loved chess.”
Mark Dvoretsky
“…you do meet true artist with original ideas and profound thoughts, and studying their work is no worse than studying the work of champions. Simagin was one such artist, and I recommend that you study his selected games. For some time it was a standard reference work for me.”
Mark Dvoretsky.

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