Comprehensive Chess Course Vol 1 - Lev Alburt

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Learn Chess in 12 lessons

Paperback, 129 pages, 2011 5th edition CIRC Publishing

Close your eyes. Imagine an empty board with a lonely white Knight on h1. Now, try to move the Knight from h1 to f3. Those who have completed this Volume I of the Comprehensive Chess Series should be able to do this in less than 10 seconds. The Comprehensive Chess Course is primarily intended to serve as a manual for those teaching chess in schools and colleges or, for that matter, to themselves. No prior knowledge of chess is presupposed for Volume I. Experience suggests that children will require about three months to complete the beginners course of 12 twelve lessons, while adults will need roughly two months.

GM Lev Alburt with GMs Palatnik & Pelts, 125 pages (Published by CIRC 2001)

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