Bid Buddy - Set of 4 Bridge Bidding Boxes with Bidding Cards - Red

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Bid Buddy - Set of 4 Bridge Bidding Boxes with Bidding Cards

Bidding devices prevent any bidding errors/misunderstandings by giving a visual reminder of the previous bids and they keep noise to a minimum. Bidding devices are suitable for play at home, club games and tournaments. Great features at a great price! The Bid Buddy Bidding Box provides a handy and extremely portable alternative to the familiar Standard "Neo Classic" Bidding Box design.

The Bid Buddy Design are a fine addition to any club or player's bridge equipment.. The fold flat mechanism saves space, both on the table and in storage, with no need to rearrange the cards once opened.

Durable lacquered bidding cards are included.The scores for each contract are printed on the reverse of each card.

Closed Measurements: 130mm (5.12") x 82mm (3.23") x 30mm (1.19")
Weight 750g

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