Black is Still OK! - Andras Adorjan

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When Andras Adorjan's first book Black is OK! was published in 1988 it became an immediate bestseller and a cult classic, reaching out to the hearts and minds of club players. In his new book, Black is still OK!, his message remains just as emphatic: too many chessplayers adopt an unnecessarily defensive approach with the Black pieces, when they should be more ambitious and strive immediately for double-edged positions with winning chances. Moreover, not only does Adorjan offer concrete opening variations and illustrative games to support his claim but also a philosophy to generate a positive state of mind when entering a battle. The new examples given here effectively continue Adorjan's crusade started in the revolutionary 1960s and encourage players not only to win more games with Black but also to enjoy themselves in the process! 224 pages, published by Batsford

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