The Royal Chess Couple in Action - Hans Böhm & Yochanan Afek

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The Royal Chess Couple is a combined attempt to introduce the various traitsof the most significant piece with the most powerful piece on the chessboard.

Following a short historic review of the development and metamorphoses ofeach piece over time, the reader is offered 240 positions (480 in total) fromtournament practice as well as from the magic world of chess composition.In each position a royal piece plays either a crucial offensive or defensive role.These positions are subdivided into 60 themes, four positions per theme, ar-ranged by their increasing difficulty. The reader may use the positions as train-ing challenges to improve his understanding and playing skills or just to enjoyplaying through them. In either case he will learn to appreciate the charac-teristic qualities of each piece alone and in collaboration with other pieces.

Paperback, 384 pages, Thinkers Chess Publishing

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