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This package includes all of the tools to get you up and running teaching Chess to your Students. Perfect for Coaches on a budget. Use the 12 DVD download collection to Create your own lesson plans from beginner to expert!.  

Includes the following items

  • Train Yourself Chess Course (12 Digital DVD Download)
  • Nylon Chess Bag 
  • Tournament Vinyl Chess Board
  • Staunton Plastic Chess pieces 3.75" King
  • Soft Cover Tournament Score Book
  • 1 Slotted Chess Teaching Demo Board

    This Demonstration Chess Board was created for teaching in a classroom setting, or for displaying tournament moves in a chess club or small auditorium. It is made of high quality vinyl with screen printed squares and solid wooden dowels to hold everything straight. The complete set of chess pieces include extra queens.

      • Board measures 28 x 28 inches with 3 inch squares
      • Complete set of chess pieces included.
      • Also includes extra queen for each color
      • Free demo board bag with adjustable strap is included


    Designed for schools, chess clubs and experienced chess players.Looped Nylon Chess bag with zippered pouch for pieces (even holds the 4-inch sets with extra queens!). Excellent quality bag for Schools and Chess players on a budget

        • 10.2 x 11 inch Nylon Pouch, thickly-padded bag.
        • Zippered pouch for pieces.
        • Bag has handles.
        • 20 x 20-inch Green or Blue vinyl board with 2.25-inch squares.
        • Durable plastic Staunton-designed set (3.75" King with 1 7/8" Felted base).
        • Exceeds all tournament requirements.
        • Available for Bulk purchase. Email or call to inquire


    Your First Chess Lessons by Paul van der Sterren, 2016 Gambit Publishing, 96 pages paperback

    Assuming no previous knowledge of the game, Grandmaster Paul van der Sterren teaches you how to play and draws you into the fascinating world of modern chess.

    This carefully crafted chess course is divided into true lessons, each building on what has been learned in the previous ones. Before moving on from a topic, you have the chance to test that you have fully understood it with the help of thoughtfully graded exercises.

    This is a 21st-century guide. Throughout, there are references to online chess resources and suggestions for online activities, such as training, playing and live broadcasts, and chess-related social media.

    Also dotted throughout the book are pieces of chess lore, practical tips and information about great players past and present.

    Grandmaster Paul van der Sterren has won the Dutch Championship on two occasions, and in 1993 reached the Candidates stage of the World Chess Championship. He is an internationally renowned chess writer and editor: he was one of the founding editors of New in Chess, and is author of the bestselling user-friendly opening guide Fundamental Chess Openings.



    An excellent choice for tournaments, club play or even your informal games for tracking moves and outcome for later study. There are 100 pages for recording 50 games up to 60 moves per game. Each page has a place for recording important information such as players names, event, date, ratings, tournament positions, and a board diagram for each game. The inside front cover and inside back cover allow the owner to index his games so that games can easily be located.



    This 12 part Digital DVD contains all the instruction needed to learn the worlds greatest game. The content will help you learn chess the easy way from absolute beginner to Expert.


    Includes the following Programs:

        • Foxy 166 Learn Chess in 1 hour (1h 10 mins)
        • Foxy 84 The Basic Principles Explained (1h 41 mins)
        • Foxy 85 Essential Chess Tactics Easily Explained (115 mins)
        • Foxy 86 Dynamics of Strategy and How to Create a plan Easily Explained (136 mins)
        • Foxy 87 Attack/Defence/Space/Time Easily Explained (131 mins)
        • Foxy 88 Endgames Self-Training Easily Explained (140 mins)
        • Foxy 164 Opening Ideas and Techniques for Young and Improving PLayers (1h 42 mins)
        • Foxy 165 Opening Ideas and Secret Weapons to Demolish your Opponent (1h 59 mins mins)
        • Foxy 185 How to Evaluate Positions & Create Plans Part 1 (2h 54 mins)
        • Foxy 186 How To Create a Plan Part 2 (2h 48 mins)
        • Foxy 75 The London System (121 mins)
        • Foxy 76 Hippopotamus with b6 and g6 (82 mins mins)




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    Master Chess 8000 is a multi-chess engine interface pre-loaded with 9 of the World's Strongest Engines. This is a MUST HAVE for tournament chess players who want to improve their game with some of the best databases ever created.

    Animate, Analyze, Annotate & Play against top engines

    Includes 2 Million Master Level Games. Five engines rated over 3000!. Easy to use database system that searches for Players, Openings, & Results. GrandMaster statistical tree, ECO codes, Analyses Games, Imports and exports PGN files.CCRL Ratings of (3306, 3279, 3242, 3126, 3091Using the chess engine "Ruffian," this 7GB database of endgames allows you to play and analyze the perfect endgames with 5 pieces or less. This is the ultimate tool for studying endgame theory.

    Also included is a large collection of commercially available database of chess games containing 2 million games from 1485 to June 2008 in Chessbase format, (also works with Fritz.) Contains Demos of Bookup, Chess School Advance, ICC Blitzin software.

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