Grandmaster Efim Bogoljubow

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For over three decades Efim Bogoljubow dominated the world of chess, along with his rival Alekhine - yet Fate has made the latter name famous while obscuring the former. Now chess enthusiasts can experience the life and games of world championship contender Bogoljubow in the first of a new biographical CD-Rom series by ICCF IM Victor Charushin. "Famous Grandmasters" brings together an extraordinary combination of games, history, and images - delivering a total life picture of the greatest masters of chess.

Victor Charushin is uniquely qualified to undertake a project of this scope. His command of the subject and easy familiarity with the source material is evident at every turn. One measure of his success is seen in the conviction, which grows stronger with each reading, that Bogoljubow's dramatic story could not have been told any differently!

The Grandmaster Efim Bogoljubow CD includes:

* 1,247 games by Bogoljubow, plus compositions and excerpts from his books. Over 625 games are annotated, often by Bogoljubow himself or contemporaries and other great masters.* The story of Bogoljubow's career in easy-to-use text documents (over 70 pages!) linked throughout the database.* More than 40 photographs and exhibits.* Opening and Theme keys for quick access to particular games.* A separate .pdf file (reader included) with over 75 tournament and match cross tables.

To be used with Chessbase, Fritz or the free ChessBase reader at

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