Taming Wild Chess Openings - Watson & Schiller

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Taming Wild Chess Openings by John Watson & Eric Schiller
How to deal with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly over the Chess Board

Paperback, 304 pages

Provides club players with solutions to a huge selection of rarely-played or tricky chess openings. John Watson and Eric Schiller concentrate upon ideas and strategy, with enough analysis to satisfy the needs of practical play. Only when a sharp reply is required, the authors will recommend a more complex variation filled with tactics.

In the vast majority of cases they present a simple and safe way to approach the position, requiring little memorization and still leading to a promising game. There is a lot of fun material in this book, and you may be surprised to see how even strong grandmasters have indulged in the craziest variations. Chess isn’t all main lines and 20 moves of theory!

Paperback, 430 pages, New in Chess 2015

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