The Chess GPS 3 - Beyond All Expectations - Sam Palatnik & Michael Khodarkovsky

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Paperback, 216 pages, Kasparov Chess Foundation 2021

The third book in the Chess GPS series.   "The ideas outlined in this book are quite convincing and should be widely used in chess practice.  One of the main tasks of this book is to help the readers increase the effectiveness with which they can utilize their chess knowledge, experience and ingenuity.  The associated set of well-chosen examples allows the reader to more clearly understand the numerous strategic problems and become more fully aware of his / her chess identity.

The reader is invited to understand the need for personal responsibility that is imposed on the chess player in choosing a move.  The concepts revealed in this book are the result of extensive practical experience, successful work of the authors as coaches, and their rich life experience.  The enveloping atmosphere of Odessa humor hospitably accompanies the readers throughout this book"

- Garry Kasparov, 13th World Chess Champion

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