The Arkhangelsk Ruy Lopez - Repertoire For Black by M. Shyam Sundar

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Hardback, 182 pages, Chess Informant 2022

In the modern world where computers keep getting stronger and stronger, openings need to be updated on a daily basis. After the emergence of NNUE engines, the style of play has changed drastically. Players started to sacrifice material for long term compensation/initiative trying to pose as many practical problems as possible so that it becomes difficult for opponents to solve all the problems over-the-board in the given time control.

So let me explain what I have done in the book you are holding in your hands, dear readers. Please, do not get carried away with the computer's assessment all the time! We should not forget that we are not playing correspondence chess where the opponent has lots of time to ponder and refute our lines! In a tournament game, it is a different scenario! I believe it is important to choose the openings/positions where we feel comfortable. It is equally important to choose and study some model games in the openings we play.

"I have worked with Shyam Sundar and know him to be a creative and diligent analyst. Here he gives you a combative working repertoire in the Ruy L'pez. Study it critically and you will benefit from the unusual ideas he exposes you to. Viswanathan Anand, 15th World Chess Champion"

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