ChessBase Complete (2019 Supplement Covering ChessBase 13, 14 & 15)

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Updating a Classic!

Five years ago, when ChessBase Complete was released, it was an instant sensation. For the first time ever, a comprehensive manual for one of the most popular chess programs was available. It covered ChessBase through version 12.

Since then, ChessBase has introduced three new versions and a remarkable (and free) suite of online tools for the world wide web. Many new and powerful functions have been added, all with an eye towards ease-of-use.

This Supplement updates the original ChessBase Complete, and once again gives the chess community the opportunity to make the most of this remarkable software. Searches are much more powerful, analysis has been automated, and we can now take full advantage of storing and sharing our data in a “chess cloud.”

While this Supplement should be helpful to all ChessBase users, it builds upon the original edition. If you do not already have the first edition, you may wish to consider getting it.

ChessBase Complete and this Supplement should make your chess time much more productive and enjoyable and, with the software at hand, vastly accelerate your chess improvement.

About the Author:

Jon Edwards recently qualified for the World Correspondence Chess Championship final round. He won the 10th United States Correspondence Championship in 1997 and the 8th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship in 1999. He is a four-time winner of the APCT (American Postal Chess Tournaments) Championship and has been awarded the APCT Game of the Year Award twice. He received his correspondence International Master (IM) in 1997, his Senior International Master (SIM) in 1999. He is currently fighting for his final grandmaster norm in the prestigious ICCF Spanish Masters.

He has competed on the United States Correspondence Chess Olympiad team competing, reaching the final round. His correspondence ICCF rating places him the top 100 correspondence chess players worldwide.

In addition to the extremely popular ChessBase Complete, Jon has written more than a dozen chess books, including The Chess Analyst (Thinkers Press 1999) which chronicles the success in the US championship; Teach Yourself Visually: Chess (Wiley 2006); a photographically based chess primer; and Sacking the Citadel: The History, Theory, and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice (Russell Enterprises 2011). He also writes a regular column on Chess Technology for the American Chess Magazine.

Jon provides chess instruction in the Princeton, NJ area and provides monthly lessons to the college-bound students in the Chess in the Schools program in New York City. He has taught chess to more than 2,500 students over 30 years.

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