Learning Chess Workbook: Step 3 Extra - Cor Van Wijgerden

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Learning Chess Workbook: Step 3 Extra - Cor Van Wijgerden
The Step-by-Step Method

Paperback, 56 pages

A workbook with just one reminder and further merely exercises. In the first half there are only exercises on the same subjects as in the 'steps'. They are not only useful as an extra practice but also as a repetition.

In the second part all exercises are of the mixed type. The subject of the exercises is not indicated therefore they resemble positions from a real chess game. In the original step book there are too few exercises of this kind due to the lack of space.

For the trainer satisfied with the present situation nothing has to change. He may continue giving lessons with the manual and the ordinary workbook. For those who want more the extra workbooks will come with more exercises of the same kind and the plus books for additional subjects.

Workbook Step 3 extra

In the extra workbook there are 57 pages with exercises, which means as many as 54x12=648-25 (drawings) = 619 positions. At the beginning come the exercises with the familiar items from Step 3:

- double check
- pinning
- double attack
- discovered attack
- defending against a double attack
- defending against a pin
- draw
- elimination of the defence (capturing, luring away, chasing away)

The last 26 pages contain tests. There is also a reminder with hints how to proceed with the tests.

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