Series II - Wood Grain Thin Floppy Mousepad Chess Board (6 New Colors)

Style: Macassar with Rosewood
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Introducing the Woodgrain Mousepad Chess Board.  A revolutionary and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood chess boards. Experience the timeless elegance of wood grain designs at a fraction of the cost, saving over 80% compared to wood boards. With exciting new wood grain combinations, this mousepad chess board offers a truly unique and captivating playing experience.

Key Features:


1. Premium Mousepad Material: Crafted from 1/16" mousepad material, this chess board lays flat and offers enhanced flexibility, making it a perfect fit for chess bags and easy to transport.


2. Optimal Size and Squares: The 20" chessboard is designed with 2 1/4" squares, providing a comfortable playing area that accommodates standard-sized chess pieces.


3. Convenient Notation: Featuring 4-side algebraic notation, this chess board enables easy tracking of moves and enhances your gameplay experience.


4. Exciting Wood Grain Combinations: Embrace the beauty of wood grain patterns with our exciting new combinations. Each design showcases a distinct and stunning wood-inspired appearance.


5. Cost-Effective Solution: This Woodgrain Mousepad Chess Board offers all the allure of wood chess boards without the high price tag. Enjoy substantial savings while still relishing the elegance of wood-like designs.


6. Choice of 6 Color Combinations: Select from a range of 6 alluring color combinations, allowing you to personalize your chess set and choose the one that best complements your style.


Upgrade your chess experience with the Woodgrain Mousepad Chess Board by Chess Gorilla. Delight in the feel of premium mousepad material and the beauty of wood grain combinations, all at an affordable price. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated chess enthusiast, this chess board promises hours of enjoyable gameplay and a touch of sophistication. Enhance your chess set with this cost-effective and stylish alternative.

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