Humor In Chess II - Dewain Barber & Ralph E. Bowman

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Paperback, 300 pages, 2021 Self Published

59 chess people submitted 299 stories, cartoons, poems, riddles and jokes for this book, Humor in Chess II.

No one can be involved in Chess for very long without experiencing  at least one humorous moment and usually several humorous things have happened to each of us.  The stories in this book are from many sources: parents, players, coaches, tournament directors, tournament organizers, chess vendors and the occasional obserever who happens upon the "chess thing"

Dewain and Ralph wanted to make sure that there was financial support for the National Scholastic Chess Invitationals so they came up with the idea of a series of books called Humor in Chess with all profits from the books going to the National Scholastic Chess Invitationals.

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