Emanuel Lasker - Hans Renette

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McFarland Publishing 2024

Paperback, 1125 pages, (8.5 x 11) 2 vols 
Bibliographic Info: 282 photos, notes, bibliography, indexes

Emanuel Lasker (1868–1941) had the longest reign of any world champion in chess—27 years. From 1894 through 1921, he wielded exceptional dominance over several generations of contemporaries and is still regarded as one of the strongest players the world has seen. A multifaceted personality, he excelled in other fields as well, and his life has been the subject of a recent deep-digging biographic trilogy.
This book presents for the first time a detailed examination of Lasker’s chess career, with a complete collection of games, many presented with analysis by Lasker and other first rank masters.

Historian Hans Renette is FIDE master in chess (with 2 IM norms). He lives in Bierbeek, Belgium.

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