The Sveshnikov Sicilian - Neil McDonald

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The Sveshnikov Sicilian by Neil McDonald
State of the art coverage of a razor-sharp line

Paperback, 144 pages, Batsford Publishing 1999

The Sveshnikov Sicilian is arguably the most dynamic line in the whole of the Sicilian Defence. Black takes on certain structural weaknesses but gains active piece play as compensation which is very much in keeping with the modern style of play. Black is not content to equalise but from the start sets out to wrest the advantage from his opponent's hands.
  • A counter-attacking line in which Black often takes the initiative
  • The favourite defence of many leading players including Vladimir Kramnik
  • Expert coverage by a talented and knowledgeable young Grandmaster
  • Part of the Batsford Chess Opening Guides series, providing a rapid understanding of fashionable openings through the use of model games and clear explanations
About the Author
Neil McDonald is one of the young generation of British Grandmasters and has a string of international tournament victories to his credit. He is the author of several other Batsford books including Winning with the Kalashnikov (with Andrew Harley), Mastering the French and The King's Gambit.

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