a Collection of Black Openings (9 Digital DVDs)

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This is a great collection of openings for Black which gives the viewer a variety of choices to pick from. This will also give you the ability to transpose and play different opening positions.

Includes the following Programs:

  • Foxy Opening 4 The Alekhine - Dunworth (70 mins)
  • Foxy Opening 19 Centre Counter Carnage - Martin (75 mins)
  • Foxy Opening 40 Nimzowitsch Defence - Martin (120 mins)
  • Foxy Opening 96 The Petroff a Counterattacking Weapon for Black Easily Explained - Martin (3h 36 mins)
  • Foxy Opening 100 The Modern Scandinavian and Icelandic Carnage - Martin (2h 49 mins)
  • Roman's Lab 17 Secret Weapons for Black The Scandinavian (2h)
  • Roman's Lab 24 King's Indian Attack, Scandinavian. Live from Las Vegas National Open (2h)
  • Roman's Lab 68 Qd6 Scandinavian #1 Underestimated Weapon for Black against 1.e4 (1h 20 mins)
  • Roman's Lab 105 Remarkable Rejuvination in Scandinavian Defence (92 mins)
  • Bonus!

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