Alexander Alekhine: Complete Games Collection Volume 2, 1921-1925

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Alexander Alekhine: Complete Games Collection Volume 2, 1921-1925
Includes his own annotations!

The fourth world champion Alexander Alekhine has gone down in history not only as the winner of numerous tournaments and matches and the creator of hundreds of chess masterpieces. He is also rightly regarded as one of the most outstanding analysts of all time. Alekhine’s annotations are distinguished by their depth and objectivity, and a clear explanation of the ideas inherent in a position.

In this edition for the first time ALL Alekhine’s games with his own annotations have been compiled. At present many of them can be found only in old magazines, and some have not previously been published in English. In the editorial notes the achievements of modern computer analysis (italicized) have been incorporated.

Hardback, 344 pages, Russian Chess House

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