Belgrade Gambit - Bruce Monson

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Paperback, 215 pages, 1997 Dearborn Publishing

Author Bruce Monson, a National Master, has ridden the Belgrade Gambit to an impressive +28 -1 =2 tournament record (+7 =1 against opponents rated between 2150-2500) and is eager for more.

What do grandmasters think of the Belgrade Gambit?

"...Not everyone wishes to sacrifice a pawn (or even two) so early in the opening to obtain the initiative. For that reason the [Belgrade] Gambit hasn't become very popular. All the same this gambit leads to quite exciting and lively play. I think those who favor stormy complications should include the gambit in their repertoire."

- F.I.D.E. World Champion Anatoly Karpov, The Open Game In Action, 1988

".../ believe that White's position has great potential and I intend to prove that, in all variations, Black must contend with the worse position"

- Grand Master Lev Gutman, d4 in The Four Knights, 1993

"...for years the Belgrade Gambit has been considered unsatisfactory for White but now I am of the opinion that White has the better chances and Black has no easy defense."

- Grand Master Lev Gutman, d4 in The Four Knights, 1993

In addition, there are still a number of top-flight players who play the Belgrade Gambit today, e.g. IM Igor Polovodin, GM J. Hector, GM Juan Bellon Lopez, CMC's Dr. Karl-Heinz Kraft and Joop van Oosterom and even the up-and-coming GM and winner of the last two Russian Championships, Peter Svidler.

In this book, Monson opens his secret files on this super-sharp attacking gambit and gives you access to reams of original and revolutionary analysis.

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