Bologan's Black Weapons in the Open Games - Victor Bologan

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Paperback, 448 pages: 2015 New in Chess Publishing

If you are ready to play the Ruy Lopez with Black, you also need to be prepared if White avoids the Ruy. In this book Victor Bologan covers all relevant lines with a well laid-out, clearly explained and eminently playable set of responses.


But Bologan's Black Weapons in the Open Games is not just another chess opening repertoire book. Bologan presents TWO different options against every main line: a common sense approach and an aggressive weapon. It’s actually two books in one!

And there is more:

  • guidance for those who are new to 1…e5 and have little time
  • a wealth of new ideas in old lines
  • The Fast Lane repertoire (in every chapter): the minimum you need to know
  • a special strategy section: how pawn structures define important themes
  • transpositions and move-order subtleties clearly identified
  • historical lines and gambits re-examined
  • traps & tricks visually marked
  • many examples from Bologan’s own games
  • 2200(!) games referenced and presented in a separate index
  • lots of practical tips
Victor Bologan has taken the chess opening repertoire book to a next level. He has created a unique instrument of chess instruction for players of almost every strength.


About the Author

Victor Bologan is a world-class grandmaster. His tournament victories include the Aeroflot Open in Moscow and the Dortmund super-tournament. He is the author of acclaimed opening books like The Chebanenko Slav, The Rossolimo Sicilian, and The Powerful Catalan.
ISBN: 978-90-5691-543-8, New in Chess

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