Chess for Rookies - Craig Pritchett

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Chess for Rookies - Craig Pritchett

everyman publishings, paperback, 320 pages

Chess for Rookies is a fun-to-read, leisurely, yet well-paced guide. Assuming no prior knowledge of the game, Craig Pritchett takes the beginner on a journey through the crucial basics. Mixing instruction and good humour, this book is an ideal way to learn how to play and win at chess.

  • Learn about the chessboard and how the pieces move
  • Grasp the relative strengths of the chessboard forces
  • Master basic chess tactics and strategies
  • Get on top of trickier ideas such as castling and en passant
  • Realize when to attack or defend
  • Develop your opening, middlegame and endgame skills
  • Learn how to use your computer to enhance skills
  • Discover where best to play and enjoy chess
  • And after all that, be ready to play, win and enjoy!

Craig Pritchett is an International Master. Twice Scottish Champion, he has represented his country, four times on top board, in nine Chess Olympiads. He was a longstanding chess correspondent for the Scottish newspaper, The Herald (1972-2006), and recently completed a five year term as Schools Chess Development Director for Chess Scotland (2003-2008). He has written two previous Everyman books, Starting Out: Sicilian Scheveningen and Play the English.

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