Chess Openings for Black Explained: - Alburt (2nd Edition)

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Chess Openings for Black Explained: A complete Repertoire - Lev Alburt

Softcover, 552 pages

This is the second, updated and fully revised edition of Chess Openings for Black, Explained. This new edition incorporates literally hundreds of changes, reflecting all relevant opening novelties and the authors ongoing research in the three and a half years since the publication of the first edition. The vast majority of the recommendations in the 2005 edition fully stood the test of time. The few that didnt have been improved or replaced in this 2009 work. Whats more, we give you a number of interesting alternatives not discussed in earlier editions.Here are just some major examples: In the Accelerated Dragon, we make some important corrections regarding the move 7. f3 (p.61). also, after 9. 0-0 (p. 64), we discuss Whites recent successes in the 9... d6 10. Ndb5 line--and two promising alternatives for Black to 9... d6. In Defending against 4. Qxd4" (p. 110), we introduce a new, more promising line for black. We fine-tune a number of our recommendations against the Maroczy Bind. we take note of Whites improvements in the Alapin (p. 223)-- and ways to counter it. We discuss how to play after 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 against rare (but tricky) third moves, such as 3. g3 and 3. a3. And there are many more updates.

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