Endgame Magic - John Beasley and Timothy Whitworth

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Paperback, 192 pages

"Sets out to entrance the reader, and succeeds." — British Chess Magazine

"My recommendation is when you do not possess the first edition, you should immediately buy this book." — Harold van der Heijden

Most strong players appreciate the depth of ideas that come from chess endgame studies, and this updated and revised introduction offers players a series of fascinating scenarios. The endgame study affords both beauty and entertainment, providing the equivalent of a short story in the world of chess.

Authors John Beasley and Timothy Whitworth are internationally acknowledged experts in the field. Rather than employing situations that have arisen in actual play, they have selected these challenging studies specifically for this volume in order to offer combinations far more subtle and spectacular than those produced over a board. The text is clearly worded and free from jargon. Three diagrams accompany each study, precluding the need for a chess set and making the book an ideal travel companion.

Revised reprint of the Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1996 edition.

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