Foxy 180: Domination Sudies "Bernard Horwitz" for the Tournament Player - Ron Henley

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Foxy 180: Domination Studies Bernhard Horwitz for the Tournament Player Vol 3 (DVD)

Hosted by GM Ron W. Henley, this is the third of the 3-volume series that will open your mind to what is possible and essential to dominate your endgames. These amazing endgame compositions will help you become a better player and get to the next level.

Bernhard Horwitz was a German master and chess writer. He went to school in Berlin, where he studied art. From 1837 to 1843, he was part of a group of German chess players known as “The Pleiades”.
He moved to London in 1845. His best chess result was winning a match against Henry Bird in 1851. He played in the first international chess tournament, London 1851, but he is best known for being the first pioneer in problem and endgame composition. Horwitz’s Chess Studies (1851), co-authored with Joseph Kling was an important work at the time. Kasparyan’s “DOMINATION” features 70 of his studies, often being the first to use a theme which was later developed with greater depth and finesse by composers that followed.

Running Time: 135 minutes

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