Foxy Chess Openings Vol 145: Winning Repertoire for Black against 1.d4 Black Plays 1...d5

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Foxy Opening vol 145 Winning repertoire for Black Against 1.d4 Black Plays 1.d5

Winning Repertoire series For Black & White

running time 2 hours 53 minute

On this DVDs IM Andrew Martin gives Black a Winning Repertoire system against 1.d4.Meeting Whites reply with 1.d5.IM Martin will provide you with aggressive lines against the pesky1.d4 openings whichinclude The London System, the Colle and the Pseudo Trompowski 1.d4 2. Bg5.IM Martin recommends meeting the Queens Gambit by accepting it. TheQGA is a fundamental defence to 1. d4 and has been used by many WorldChampions, Petrosian, Anand and Kasparov!!.

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