Garden Chess set (8" King) with 3 Ft Chess Mat

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This large chess set is perfect for enjoying a day out in the sun with family and friends. The flexible vinyl board makes for simple storage and fast set up. It is easy for everyone to use with lightweight pieces so even the little ones can join in! The large pieces are ideal for demonstration and education purposes, so beginner chess players can get a feel for the game.

• Large chessmen and chess board for demonstrations or outdoor and patio play
• King height 8" 
• Queen height 7.25"
• Rook height 4.5"
• Bishop height 6"
• Knight height 6"
• Pawn height 4.5"
• Black and white vinyl chess mat measures to 3 Feet x 3 Feet and is foldable for easy storage and quick setup
• 32 chess pieces included
• Comes in a 15 x 10.75 x 8.5 inch box

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