Grivas Opening Laboratory vol 3 - Efstratios Grivas

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Paperback. 272 pages, Chess Evolution 2020

In the third book of the series we aredealing with how to face the ‘Queen’sIndian Defence’, a safe and strategicsystem which was extremely popular in the 80’s but is still played todayeven at the highest level.

The proposed system is based on theg3 Catalan structure, a system thathas served me well for approximately30 years, scoring a good 75% in a highnumber of games.

Well, this looks a bit too high, as thegeneral winrate of the variation is57.5%, when the expected rate is 51.5%to 52%, the natural average number ofWhite’s ‘superiority’.

My quite high score is purely based onstudy and understanding of the system, leading to many equal positionsbeing turned into full points!

Then we will move on to study how toface the ‘BogoIndian Defence’, another solid and strategic system, still seentoday in top-level chess.

My proposed system is based onthe move 4.bd2, a system that hasserved me well for approximately30 years, scoring a good 72% acrossa large number of games.

Well, this looks a bit too high, as thegenerally expected score of the variation is only 59.0% (much better than4.d2), against the expected Whiterate of 51.5% to 52%.

My quite high score is again purelybased on the study and understanding of this system, converting manyequal positions into wins!

Finally, we look at how to face the‘Budapest Gambit’ (which includesthe ‘Fajarowicz Variation’), a mainlytactical system which was never extremely popular but still it is playedtoday, though mostly at the club players’ level.

Th e proposed system is based on the‘Adler Variation’, a system that onceagain has served me well for manydecades, scoring 75%, though acrossa limited number of games.

Well, this looks rather high also, asthe ‘normal’ winrate of the variationstands at 58.5%, against the averageexpected White rate of 51.5% to 52%.

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