How to Beat the French Defence - Andreas Tzermiadianos

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Paperback, 320 pages, Everyman Publishing 2008

The French Defence is renowned for its resilience and tenacity, and is considered to be one of Black's most reliable answers to 1 e4. Indeed, many White players become frustrated in their attempts to prove an advantage and make headway against Black's ultra-solid formation. In How to beat the French Defence, Andreas Tzermiadianos meets this challenge head on. He advocates his favourite weapon against the French - the Tarrasch Variation. Drawing upon his wealth of playing experience and study of this line, Tzermiadianos reveals an abundance of opening ideas and novelties, and provides the reader with a complete repetoire which is aimed at posing Black serious problems. Read this book and you will be able to fight the French Defence with renewed confidence and vitality.

  • Provides answers to all Black possibilities

  • Studies key Tactical and Positional ideas for both sides

  • Also covers typical middlegame and endgame positions

  • Written by a French Tarrasch specialist

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