How To Play The Chess Openings - Znosko-Borovsky

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With this book, all one needs to know are the fundamental rules of chess and ordinary chess notation in order to gain a thorough understanding of the all-important opening game in its many variations. Simply, clearly, and with keen appreciation of the amateur's usual limitations, International Grandmaster Znosko-Borovsky explains the importance of rapid development of the pieces, occupation of the center, the relation of the opening to the general plan of the player, and the significance of control of the center.
Each major opening is then detailed and analyzed with the emphasis on explanation that is easy to follow. Special attention is paid to traps — both the mistakes often made by amateurs, and the classic traps, such as Greco's and Tarrasch's. "Chess is a game of understanding and not of memory," says Znosko-Borovsky, and he promotes the reader's understanding of the openings by discussing purpose and plan frequently, as against memorization of moves. Those acquainted with Znosko-Borovsky's other books, How Not to Play Chess and The Art of Chess Combination will rediscover in this book Znosko-Borovsky's unique clarity, ease of style, and profundity.
"In the teaching of chess he may claim to have no superior." — Philip W. Sergeant.

Reprint of the first 1935 edition. Paperback, 147 pages

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