Learning Chess Workbook: Step 3 Plus - Cor Van Wijgerden

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Learning Chess Workbook: Step 3 Plus 
The Step-by-Step Method

Paperback, 56 pages

The contents of the Workbook Step 3 plus

More or less new topics:
  • underpromotion
  • the intermediate (in-between) move
  • the rook pawn
Elaborating the already introduced material:
  • Mini-plans Activating a piece, increasing activity, improving the pawn structure, exploiting vulnerability.
  • Eliminating of the defence Eliminate two defenders with one piece, eliminate two defenders at the same time and luring away a defender with two functions
  • Mate Bring in the chaser, the guard or the helper
  • Opening Developing and well-known combinations in the opening
  • X-ray as an aid in other combinations and x-ray protection
  • Defending against mate An addition to the lesson in Step 2
  • Pinned pieces Combinations that make use of the pin
  • The square of the pawn An addition to the lesson in Step 3
  • Discovered attack Special forms: the intermediate (in-between) move, elimination of the defence and trapping

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