2021 in 52 Games - Vasif Durarbayli

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Hardback, 342 pages, Independent Publishing

"Each game highlighted in the book combines different strategical, positional, and tactical ideas that teach important lessons about the game. GM Vasif Durarbayli explains complicated concepts simplifying as much as possible without losing the depth. great for all chess enthusiasts from beginners to seasoned players alike looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the game."

Vasif Durarbayli became a Grandmaster in 2010.  He was among the top 16 players in the 2021 World Cup, and his most recent 1st place victories are: Azerbaijan Championship (2021), Chicago Open (2019, Mid America Open (2019).  Moreover, he was part of Webster University's Final Four and Pan American winning team from 2014-2017.  Vasif most recently placed 2nd at The National Open in Las Vegas (2023)

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