Chess Parallels Strategy & Tactics - Bora Ivkov

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Hardback, 224 pages, Chess Informant 2022

Learn from the legacy of one of the most talented players to ever grace the chess world.
All elements of the game explained in an easy-to-digest and highly entertaining fashion.

Dear readers, it is both our solemn duty and exceptional honour to present you a collection of Ivkov’s instructive explorations on various chess themes. In this book you will find a great number of intriguing anecdotes casting a new light on some of the greatest chess players of all time, and some lesser known heroes of our bellowed game.

Also, this book can serve you as an inspiration to investigate a bit deeper in the areas of strategy, planning and tactics learning chess in the “good, old way” unpolluted by the excessive engine usage. Finally, you can simply browse through the material and enjoy solving numerous riddles, studies and puzzles, picking up bits of chess wisdom
along the way. 

We hope that you will find as much enjoyment reading this book
as we experienced ourselves editing it for your pleasure.

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