Middlegame Secrets Vol.4 - The Secrets Lives of Knights

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For a chess player, chess pieces are like specific tools in a toolbox. We need to know how best to use them, just as a craftsman knows his tools. We shouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail; and we shouldn’t position the knights on the edge of the board. Knights are mysterious creatures. They add a volatile element to any position. However, in this video tutorial you will learn how to tame them.

We will focus on how to create an outpost for a Knight and how to maneuver with this piece to get maximum activity from it. We will talk about the knight’s soul mates: the queen and the passed pawn. We will also focus on positions where knights are vulnerable or hopelessly passive: typically when they are behind the pawn chains.

  • Video running time: 4 h 39 minutes
  • Extra: Training with ChessBase apps – Play-positions against Fritz on various levels

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