Thinkers Chess Academy Volume 3 - Thomas Luther

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Paperback, 378 pages, Thinker's Publishing 2022


Thinkers' Chess Academy with Grandmaster Thomas Luther Volume 3
Test your chess knowledge - Crucial exercises to sharpen your understanding

Not every reader is ambitious enough or has enough time to work very hard on his chess. That’s quite understandable and nothing to be ashamed of. You can enjoy chess very well without being a strong tournament player.

You could just entertain yourself by playing through interesting combinations. In this case don’t try too hard to solve the Advanced Lessons or Master Class exercises. Have a look to make yourself familiar with the position, than look at the solution and enjoy the surprising combinations. You won’t learn as much as you would by racking your brain to crack the hard nuts. But some knowledge and experience will certainly rub off and increase your understanding of chess.

This book will help you to work towards your goals and let have you fun with chess.

Thinkers Publishing, Paperback



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