Roman Labs DVD Vol 115

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Roman Labs Volume 115 - Art Of Winning with the Isolated Pawn inThe Panov Attack

Video Running time 1 hour 23 Minutes

On this DVD Roman will explain the art of playing with an isolatedpawn by mastering this art you will learn the science of chess andbecome a better chess player.

The Panov Attack is one of the most important opening positions inchess to learn. It is rich with positional play, building attacks,maneuvers tactics and much more.. The Panov is a must to master because it can transposes from severaldifferent openings including The Caro-, Grunfeld, Tarrasch, NimzoIndian, Center Counter, and Accelerated Dragon. Roman will increaseyour understanding of playing and winning with the isolated pawnpositions that arises in the Panov Attack wins!!

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