Roman Labs vol 101 - Quick & easier way to learn the King's Indian Defence

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Roman Labs vol 101 - Quick & easier way to learn the King's Indian Defence

On this DVD, Roman shows some unconventional and easy to learn ways to play King's Indian defense. Original approach and sound credible positions will inspire to learn this opening and you will get positions where your middlegame plan will be clearly outlined.

Review by: Lazy Chess Player

(Unless its ideas and concepts I will not spend the time learning it)This dvd is a great way to learn the Kings Indian because it is based on ideas and conceptswhich are easier to remember then the traditional long variations which are common in the King's Indian DefenceThere are lots of hidden traps that white can and does fall into just by making what looks like the best and most logical moves.These mistakes are made on the highest level which Roman will demonstrate using several of his own games.I was amazed because it seemed like the opening plays itself and as Roman went through his gamesI was thinking no way this is good for Black then a few moves later White was either worse or lost and these are GM'she is playing against and the moves did not seem that hard to make.After watching the dvd you will be able to apply right away most of what you learned in your own gamesRoman created a new way to play the Kings Indian verifying his original ideas with Rybka.There is no reason you can not win games right out of the opening just by following what Roman teaches you.A bonus for me after watching it I found myself applying the ideas and principles I learnedin other openings.

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