Roman's Foundation of Chess Collection (10 Digital DVDs)

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Includes the following Programs:

  • Roman's Lab vol 1 Learning The Opening the Easy Way, Traps & Novelties (4h 20 mins)
  • Roman's Lab vol 2 Sacrifices and Tactics that End Games in the Opening (4h 20 mins)
  • Roman's Lab vol 3 Transition to the Middle Game (4h 20 mins)
  • Roman's Lab vol 4 Planning & Attacking Based on Superiority of Pieces (4h 20 mins)
  • Roman's Lab vol 51 Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece Coordination (1h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 52 Finding Tactical Solutions in Overwhelming Positions (1h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 53 Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations (2h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 54 Capitalizing on Your Opponent's Weaknesses (1h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 58 Common Endgame Mistakes (1h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 57 Man vs Machine 4-4 (1h)
  • Roman's Lab vol 85 Understanding the Concept of Middlegame based on Opening Strategy (1h)

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