Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy - John Watson

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Paperback, 272 pages, 2012 Gambit Chess

It is now seventy years since Nimzowitsch wrote his monumental work My System. John Watson's book fulfils the need for a thorough, profound work on the modern handling of chess positions, and how Nimzowitsch's theories have been refined and used alongside classical concepts.

The First section of the book discusses classical themes, such as pawn majorities, the centre and structural weaknesses. Watson then moves on to discuss new concepts, including the willingness of modern players to accept backward pawns in return for dynamic play, the idea of a good 'bad' bishop, knights finding useful roles at the edge of the board, and the exchange sacrifice ideas that became prevalent with the post-war Soviet worl champions.

International Master John Watson is one of the world's most respected writers on chess. This book - his first for Gambit - was voted "Book of the Year" by both the United States Chess Federation and the British Chess Federation.

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