The Amateur's Mind - Jeremy Silman (2nd Edition)

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The Amateur's Mind by Jeremy Silman (2nd Edition)
Turning Chess Misconceptions into Chess Mastery

The Amateur’s Mind takes the student on a journey through his own mind and returns him to the chess board with a wealth of new-found knowledge and the promise of a significant gain in strength.

Most amateurs possess erroneous thinking processes that, elusive and difficult to eradicate, remain with them throughout their lives. These flaws in their mental armor result in stinging defeats and reversals. Books can be bought and studied, lessons can be taken—but in the end, these elusive problems always prove to be extremely difficult to eradicate.

Seeking a solution to this dilemma, Silman recorded the thoughts of his students while they played actual games, analyzed them, and catalogued the most common misconceptions that arise. He then eradicated these mental traps by offering advice, rules of conduct and strategy, and penetrating psychological insights.

The Amateur’s Mind is a mind-opening guide for all beginning and intermediate tournament-level players.

About the Author
Jeremy Silman is an International Chess Master, a world-class teacher, and a player who has won the American Open, the National Open, and the U.S. Open. He is the author of twenty-nine chess books and numerous magazine articles. For the past five years, Mr. Silman has been the coach of the U.S. delegation to the World Junior Championship.

ISBN: 9781890085025, Paperback, 443, Siles Press

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