The Chess Instructor 2009 - Jeroen Bosch and Steve Giddins

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paperback, 230 pages, New in Chess 2008

Chess teacher is a booming profession.  The enormous growth in popularity of the royal game within the educational community is no accident.  In an era of compulsive zapping of TV channels, violent gaming and mobile chatter, learning chess means improving basic skills (analyzing decision making strategic thinking stamina and dealing with stress) while interacting meaningfully with other pupils.  A great job for motivated teachers and coaches.

But how do you teach chess?  What materials do you use?  Is there a philosopher's stone for chess teachers?  How do you sell a chess curriculum, how do you motivate your pupils and monitor their progress?  And how do you coach a talented kid when it starts facing the harsh realities of practical chess.

The chess instructor 2009 aims to give answers to all these questions and more.  Simen Agdestein reveals all about his work with super talent Magnus Carlson and Michael Basman explains how he got 70,000 children to play chess it also features many tried and tested exercises and handouts as well as articles by acclaimed experts like Mark Dvoretsky and Cor van Wijgerden.

This compendium Is about chess training at all levels with a multi-colored mosaic of articles it aims to raise topics for discussion and to get chess teachers at local schools to learn from top coaches as well as the other way around.

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