The Complete Albin Counter-Gambit - Luc Henris

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The Complete Albin Counter-Gambit by Luc Henris
A Dangerous Weapon against the Queen's Gambit

Paperback, 616 pages, 2013 Marchand Publishing

Written by Belgian FIDE master Luc Harris, this book contains a comprehensive presentation of the present-day theory of the Albin Counter-Gambit. The opening is experiencing a remarkable renaissance lately, notably through the efforts of elite Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich.

The author has thoroughly re-analysed many positions and reveals the ideas behind this pet lines in the gambit. He presents instructive material from games played in recent years, mostly master and grandmaster level. The depth of the author's work really reveals itself in the very high number of comments, evaluations, new ideas, original analyses or full-fledged annotations provided by Luc Henris. This is a really astounding accompishment.

Detailed theoretical texts introduce each chapter, and the author often points to refutations of Black's play that haven't been mentioned in other works. This book is undoubtedly hte most important work ever realized on the Albin Counter-Gambit.

Anybody who plays this opening as Black will want to own this work and those concerned about being up-to-date with the latest theory as White should definitely get it too.

ISBN: 2-9600247-4-5, Jean-Louis Marchand Editions

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