The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume 2 (Paperback) - Grigory Bogdanovich

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The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume 2: Attack, Defense, Planning and More

In the second part of his two-volume treatise on Bogoljubov’s games, International Master Grigory Bogdanovich provides 191 fully annotated games and fragments as well as 6 endgame compositions and 23 tactical positions for the reader to analyze. As in the first volume, his analysis of Bogoljubov’s games is split into instructive themes, making his treatise a fantastic textbook for learning a huge range of winning techniques. The present volume covers the topics of attack, defense, planning, Bogoljubov’s contribution to opening theory, and endgame technique.

In the openings chapter, there is a special section on how Bogoljubov handled Spanish Exchange, Carlsbad, Stonewall and Pillsbury knight structures. It also includes his contributions to theory in the King’s Gambit, Two Knights, Four Knights, Spanish, French, Queen’s Gambit Cambridge Springs, Slav and Semi-Slav, Zukertort System and Bogo-Indian.

The chapter on Bogoljubov’s endgame technique covers pawn structures, king activity, pawn endings, same-colored and opposite-colored bishop endings, knight endings, rook endings, queen endings, material imbalances and multi-piece endings among others.

This book also contains further photos from Bogoljubov’s career.

Grigory Bogdanovich (born in 1949) began work as a chess coach in the early 1980s. He was awarded the USSR Master of Sport title in 1983 after successful results in the Moscow team championship, during which his famous opponents included David Bronstein, Artur Yusupov and Andrei Sokolov. Later, he was twice Soviet Correspondence Chess Champion as part of the victorious Moscow team. In 1990 he graduated for the second time, from the Higher School of Coaches, after previously gaining a degree in engineering and economics. He has recorded a string of victories in international chess tournaments, and gained the International Master title in 1991. Grigory lives in Germany and spent over a quarter of a century playing for Bad Mergentheim chess club (Baden-Wurttemberg). He has written several opening books in English and Russian as well as jointly authoring with Tomasz Lissowski a book on Szymon Winawer (published in Russian in 2017). He is currently writing a book on Rudolf Spielmann.

Paperback, 404 pages, Elk and Ruby


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