The Endgame - Marat Makarov

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The Endgame: A Chess Library for the Practical Player
by Marat Makarov

This book forms part of the series "A Chess Library for Practical Players" which aims to present material, on various apsects of the game, which is likely to be most often encountered in tournament play. The author, a Grandmaster and chess coach, has collected the content of this book during many years of teaching and has turned it into this endgame manual which is both concise but filled with valuable knowledge.

The key features and strategies for the most important endings are explained using over 300 examples. The book also includes chapters on technical resources (such as zugzwang) and on Endgame Strategy. Marat Makarov is a Grandmaster and has been a chess coach for over 20 years. Among his pupils is the former champion of Russia WGM Julia Demina.

Chess Stars, 180 pages, paperback

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