The Improving Chess Thinker - Heisman

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The Improving Chess Thinker - Heisman

paperback, 224 pages

When a club player decides he wants to raise his rating to the next class level, he typically looks to improve his middlegame or endgame understanding. Often, however, the true secret to improvement lies not in studying additional chess material but in learning a more powerful thinking process.

The Improving Chess Thinker provides representative thought processes from all classes of chess players, highlights the differences between these levels, and provides insight to help players raise their thinking process to the next level.

Full of helpful tips and principles, the Improving Chess Thinker is the result of over 40 years of 'think out loud' chess exercises given by one of the country's top chess instructors, Dan Heisman. The range of subjects addressed includes everything from analysis and evaluation theory to time management skills. The instruction and lessons learned will aid players of all levels, from beginner to expert. The practical advice will be useful not only for players striving to benefit their game, but also coaches looking for new powerful teaching tools.

Dan Heisman has been a full-time chess instructor and author since 1996. His Novice Nook column at ChessCaf' has been published continuously since 2001, and it has won multiple awards for its quality of instruction. Heisman's question and answer show, The Renaissance Man, airs weekly on the Internet Chess Club's chess.FM radio station. His students range from beginners to masters, and include radio personality Howard Stern.

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