The Modernized Anti-Sicilians Volume 2: Moscow Variation & Sidelines - Ravi Haria

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The Modernized Anti-Sicilians Volume 2: Moscow Variation & Sidelines
by Ravi Haria

In this second and final volume of the Anti-Sicilian series, the author covers all alternatives to 2…Nc6. The Moscow variation is the only critical alternative to 3.d4 that has caused any concerns for Black, and the author’s choices in this variation were mainly selected by their ability to create practical difficulties for the opponent. Against 3…Nd7, the author analyses two distinct options, either castling immediately or first playing 4.a4.

Against the solid 3…Bd7, the author offers two choices of achieving central control. 5.c4 aims for a more positional Maroczy structure, whereas the alternative 5.0-0 transforms the position into a French advanced-type structure. The author also analyzes a second option for 3…Nc6 – 6.h3 instead of 6.c3 – to limit Black’s piece activity by suppressing the scope of the c8-bishop. The author has also analyzed both 3.c3 and 3.g3 against 2…e6.

Finally, the author examines the less popular second moves, 2…g6, 2…a6, and 2…Nf6, and includes an Accelerated Dragon variation, which can benefit the player. Despite the delay in releasing this second volume, the author believes that this Anti-Sicilian series will provide a strong lifetime repertoire and a foundation to respond to future theoretical developments.

ISBN Paperback 9789464201871 / Hardback 9789464201918, Thinkers Publishing


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