The Modernized French Defense - Volume 1 - David Miedema

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The Modernized French Defense Volume 1: Winawer
by David Miedema

The Winawer variation of the French Defense is reached after 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Bb4. This is one of the most exciting openings in the game. It's an alternative universe with alternative rules. In return for the bishop, Black gets a rock solid pawn structure and lots of dynamic options. It should not come as a surprise that in these unbalanced fights Black can really play for a win.

The groundwork was done by Nimzowitsch, Botvinnik and Korchnoi in the old days. Nowadays players like Carlsen, So and Mamedyarov still use their ideas in this opening with success.

People often ask, 'does true love exist?' Well, Miedema and the French Defense might be one of those rare examples. Fortunately this love has translated to countless novelties and combatable lines. This is his first volume on the French Defense and his debut as an author for Thinkers Publishing.

ISBN 9789492510495, Paperback, 269 pages, Thinkers Publishing

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