The Modernized Philidor Defense - Sergio Trigo Urquijo

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The Modernized Philidor Defense by Sergio Trigo Urquijo

“Pawns are the soul of chess.” We have all heard this phrase more than once in our chess life and we owe it to the great French player François-André Danican, so-called Philidor, considered one of the best chess players of the 18th century. 

It’s not surprising that with this way of thinking, he revolutionized chess, which until then was almost all about direct attacks on the king. With this, he also changed the way of understanding and playing openings, in which he introduced a new concept for the time – that the pawns should be ahead of the pieces.

The Philidor Defense is a popular opening at all levels. In his first book, Sergio brings a no-nonsense opening repertoire for players of all strengths. This book is a useful handy guide and you will find it loaded with an indispensable  source of inspiring ideas.

Sergio Trigo Urquijo was born in the Basque Country (Spain) in 1989. He learned to play chess at the AGE OF SIX. As a junior he won many local championships from U - 12 to U – 18. He performed successfully as a player and captain of the Sestao Chess Club, winning the national team championship in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018, including nine times Basque Team Champion. He won the silver medal during the Portugal Club Cup 2015 and has played in the European Club Cup 2014. He is well known, being a second of several grandmasters during many important events and owns a FIDE Master title.

Paperback, 416 pages, Thinkers Publishing


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