The Scotch Game - Yelena Dembo & Richard Palliser

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The Scotch Game - Yelena Dembo & Richard Palliser

Paperback, 381 pages

The Scotch Game is an ideal opening weapon for White: it's ambitious and yet totally sound; it's also easy to learn but leads to a wide variety of positions. It was a particular favourite for Garry Kasparov, who invigorated it with a number of key discoveries to make it an opening to be feared throughout the chess world.In this book, Yelena Dembo takes a modern-day look at the Scotch Game. Using illustrative games and drawing upon her own considerable experience in this opening, Dembo provides thorough coverage of both the critical main lines and the tricky sidelines, outlining the key tactical and positional ideas for White and Black.

  • Up-to-date coverage of an important opening
  • Written by an expert on the Scotch Game
  • Filled with original ideas and analysis
  • Yelena Dembo is an International Master from Greece with numerous tournament successes to her name, including the bronze medal at the 2005 European Women's Championship. She's also an experienced coach, with an academy of over 100 students from over 30 different countries, and a highly respected chess writer.

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